Kamis, 07 Mei 2009

The Jakarta Post Flashing

Hellooooo F ! i have a super duper great day on 7th May 2009. haha, i was join "FLASHING WITH THE JAKARTA POST, EXXON MOBIL, AND ALSO NIE". and there are so many things that i want to share with you in this blog. so, here it is the story ....

i arrived at school at 6.10 and i threw my bag inside the class, i've already prepared on the night before the day to brought a small and simple bag, and chose a small yellow green stripes bag. after i threw my bag at class i picked my praying veil on the locker. when i threw my praying veil in my bag, someone came and looking for me. and someone who looking for me is Mr. Rusli. he said that i should went to administration room to change my clothes into the uniform which gave by The Jakarta Post. and after i went to administration room, i saw shinny yellow shirt and covered by a plastic, and i didn't realize that the yellow shinny thing is the uniforma gave by The Jakarta Post. HAHAHAHA, Mr. Rusli said that i have to changed my uniform into my new shinny uniform, and you can imagine "how shy am i ??" (but in the other side, i thanked to God because my bag were very MATCH with my shinny uniform) used shinny yellow thing in my body and of course everyone who looked around MUST BE SAW ME TOO ! haha, but i think that's no problem because not only me who used this shinny thing but also my another 9 friendssssss :D and then after we already changed our clothes Mr. Rusli decided that we should to go.

I Love The Jakarta Post .... why ?? because we got everything from them. from the transportatin, consumsion, and also goodie bag. hihi how lucky me and my another 9 friends joined this flashing. hehe the transport from The Jakarta Post had already arrived since 5.45. it means that the car already wait for us for a looooong time (haha thanks to Mr. Agus whose already very patient for waiting us). we went to JHCC with a very happilly. we were talk a lot each other. i think i'm gonna miss this time for the rest of my life ;). back to my story, we arrived at JHCC but i'm not remember th times at all, when we arrived there we got a welcome breakfast (bread filled with cheese and beef) and also one another box, filled with arem-arem, risol, and mineral water. haha we ate that breakfast greedily. and then after we ate all of our breakfast Mr. Agus told us that we can came in, into JHCC. inside the hall we found so many stands that we can looked at, but there is no one that we can understand from all of the stand, until we found one stand which have a "playing driving car". so, we wait for the stands until it ready but it took a very loong time. so we decided to left that stand. next, we have to joined the flashing. the flashing began with a bored beginning :( but after we went to small place under the stands we can heard the flashing from Mr. Sandy from exxon mobil (but it also bored too) until one of The Jakarta Post staff made a very interesting activity, and you know what is that ?????

THAT IS MAKING A POSTERRRRRRRRRRR !! hahaha,that activity was very intresting for us. becase all of us likes to making something with our creativity :D we oved this time, because we spent our 6 from 24 hours together. making a poster with our best word "METHOD" and we eat Hoka-hoka bento greedily. i really loves this day so much. until in the end of the flashing, there is a result we got from our poster project, and the result is ...... "THE BEST DESIGN POSTER" haha finnaly i got something again in this week :D

maybe that's all of my story, i hope F will really enjoy this story ....



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