Selasa, 19 Mei 2009

The Cool Master

haha, this day was awesome !! i played the master with my friends :) hihi. we such a stupid people who follow Romy Rafael (my favourite idol) and also Limbad. oke, first who play this game were only four of us like ME, Alaika, Imelda, and Alvia. and then after about 5 minute dinda come and joined us. haha, i try to act like romy rafael, because everyone said that my face was very close with Romy Rafael (very seriuos expression of course). and the target was Dinda, i always said that she should look at my finger. when i said SLEEP !! she will sleep too. what a stupid thing ! and after we play the first round, Agung and erkki came to class, and they put thier interested on it. and agung also try to act like Romy Rafael, but the different is, the target were ME and dinda. haha we have to look at a bottle, if the bottle fell down, we have to sleep. and when Agung fell down the bottle we were SLEEP ! haha, maybe it's not really funny if you read my story. but when you do it, feel it like "this is my entertainment at all" hihi, thanks fellas

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