Rabu, 24 Juni 2009

this is what i call GREAT DAY

oh my gosh, i've spent this day. anyway, goodnight fellas. long time no write in my blog, and today i want to tell my story about my day. this is a very complicated day, why ? because i do so much thing in one day.

first .. this is my day, my day for got all of my final score at school. sometimes i think that i can not go up to tweve class, because of one think. 'MATH' what a great word to say :):):) but afer i've do chat with my lovely teacher named Mr. Arif Yusadli finally i know hows my result. and my reslt is ...... i've got RANK #4 :) wow, that was amazing huh ? hihi i don't know hat to say, because God always gives the best or us rite ?

okay, second .. i have to do saman competition at 90 senior high school. and yo know what ? the school i slocated at CILEDUG, that was so far from my school gituuuu. in this case, ALAZKA snd two team (ALAZKA TEAM A and ALAZKA TEAM B) but we have problem there .. everytime we have an exercise and do a lot of practice, we used two ladder for show on the stage. but in 90 senior high school, they only gives us one ladder. everyone got panic ! but eveything is gonna be alrite. don'tbe to worry, because we weren't won in this competition. but that wan't the end of the stories. after we show our performance, Bang Usman (our scheh) got call from Mr. Idris (one of the judge at another competition in thisday too) he tod us that he want us to join this competition. and SURPRISEEEEE, after we do competition at 90, we have to go to senayan to do another competition. but withot any preparation. haha and VOILA we can go to FINAL on saturday. wow this is a great day

maybe thats everything that i can told until this time. hihi sorry if this story makes you bored. goodbye fellassssssss smooch

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